Meet The Owner

by | May 24, 2023

Recognizing that Mario, served as a US Army Ranger for 10+ years, Mario gave 100% and then some to all of his work. 

And here at RLTW Land Clearing we go above and beyond expectations. RLTW Land Clearing sets the example for others to follow. Same as the creed he spent a decade dedicating his life too. 

Nevertheless, Mario’s Military career had an end-date, and he found a new way to help others. Following his service Mario earned a degree in Building Construction. He followed this passion over the last decade, constantly developing, improving, and mastering his profession.

Going back to 2018, the Florida Panhandle was hit by Hurricane Michael (a Category 5 hurricane). This impacted many people and businesses that needed trees and debris removed from their locations. Mario and family spent weeks clearing upwards of 50 families’ homes from catastrophe and during this time Mario found a new passion for the land clearing profession. In 2018 Mario launched RLTW Land Clearing, specializing in land clearing, tree & brush removal, excavating and many other land management services.   

Exceedingly will this ranger lead the way to your dream property!

Right away we will answer the call of duty! Contact us today for ALL your land management and construction needs.  



“My passion to make things better and watch things grow/develop is what led me to construction and land management.”-Mario Reyes

“In the world of construction you can watch something be destroyed, enjoy that destruction, and then develop something better out of that destruction.”-Mario Reyes



“Rangers Lead The Way”